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Get your non-identifying information, commonly known as non-id. You can request that from the court where the adoption was finalized or from the agency used. We suggest that you request from both if you can afford it. They sometimes give different information. It will cost about $60 each place. It will give you some information to go on

Adoptee/Birth Family is entitled to NON-Identifying Information, provided a Statement of Consent is not on file (90% of the time one is *not* on file as most of the biologically affected are unaware of the option to Consent or Deny, signified by placement of a statement in the Michigan Central Adoption Registry). If a Statement of Consent is indeed already on file, the person searching is entitled to identifying information instantly and put in touch with their sought parties. A mere 5% "reunite" by this discovery for the reason mentioned above. If there is no statement found, the release of information is considered the same as if the parent had filed a Statement of Denial.

Register with the Michigan Central Registry, a Mutual Consent Reunion Registry created by the State of Michigan for the purpose to allow those involved in a closed adoption to reconnect, consenting to contact by way of filing a Statement of Consent. It is kept by the Department of Human Services (or "DHS") in Lansing, housing statements of birth parents and adult birth siblings consenting to or denying the release of identifying information. These statements will be forwarded to adoption agencies and courts upon a birth family member's request, so they can determine whether or not identifying information can be released to the adult adoptee or the adult adoptee's direct descendants.

The "Parent's Consent/Denial to Release Information to Adult Adoptee" (Form DHS-1919) can be used to indicate consent or denial. An adult birth sibling may register with the Central Adoption Registry by completing the "Adult Birth Sibling Statement to Release Information to Adult Adoptee" (Form DHS-1917). These forms may be revoked or used to update information such as name or address change, by completing a new form and submitting it to the Central Adoption Registry. Forms are available from the courts, local offices of the department of social services, adoption agencies, the Central Adoption Registry. They can also be downloaded here:



Remember that placing Consent or Denial is different for Adoptees and Birth Families. Adoptees must place a consent with the original Placing Agency (or agency that now houses the original records) and/or the court of finalization. It is suggested that Adoptees place consent with BOTH the Agency AND the Court of finalization. These two agencies then forward the information to the Central Adoption Registry to "check" for statements already existing. Contrarily, Birth Families are required to place their Consents at the Central Adoption Registry, solely. Of special note: a Statement of Denial is not effective after the death of a birth parent or adult birth sibling.

The Central Adoption Registry is accessed by the court or agency; individuals cannot contact the Registry to learn if statements are filed.

Michigan Dep't of Human Services
Central Adoption Registry
PO Box 30037
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Third, register with ISRR International Soundex Reunion Registry, an international Mutual Consent Reunion Registry. You can download a registration form here:


More information is available on ISRR on our site here.

Finally, once you get your non-id, share whatever you feel comfortable with the list, is and we'll give you some ideas about where to go from here.

UP Mary
Reunited Adoptee

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